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Nose –The Hot Spot for MRSA

Posted on 01 November 2012

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is a virulent bacteria strain that can cause life threatening infections. More commonly, it starts causing active infections in the skin of the nose.


The bacteria commonly live in nasal passages for years without showing any signs. In fact, most of the hospital workers are colonized with MRSA in nose, but they won’t cause or spread active infection.

A person, who has MRSA in nose, may be able to spread the infection to another person or produce an infection if the immune system is not able to fight against the disease. However, it has become extremely common and since it doesn’t develop any pain, symptoms, or congestion, MRSA formation is not treated with clinical medicines.


MRSA in nose doesn’t require any treatment; if you’ve a strong immune system that helps to cure MRSA from the nasal passage. A healthy diet and exercise can benefit you from keeping the infection at bay.

People carrying MRSA should be particularly careful when they are in the presence of very old people, kids or patients, or any people, whose immune system has become weak.

mrsa in nose

Frequent hand wash can keep you away from the spread of MRSA. But, under some circumstances, it can become a life-threatening infection; so it should never be treated at home without consulting a physician.

However, alternate therapies can help to reduce both colonization and active infections in the nose. Some of the immune improving foodstuffs, like oil of garlic and oregano help to boost resistance to MRSA with few side effects. Tea free oil and colloidal silver is applied topically to an infected skin area in the nose.

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