Living in the House with Someone with MRSA Staph

Posted on 14 March 2011

The most talked about MRSA infection in the European countries is hitting new moms like epidemic. The nursing homes, where these women give birth to their babies have become the perfect place for the staph infections. Living with MRSA patient, in the same house can be fairly difficult!

Every year 20,000 women in US get infected by MRSA in the health care facilities itself while giving birth to their babies. This condition has become so worse that people have started to question the legitimacy of the proper cleanliness maintained by these health facilities in the court of law.

These infections if somehow reach the bloodstream, can spread in to entire body within hours and are capable of completely devastating the patient’s health.

The worse part is yet to come, this bacteria has already evolved twice to beat today’s antibiotics. Penicillin or its enhanced form methicillin can eradicate the staph bacteria. Doctors use combination of various antibiotics to beat the staph infection.

The major symptoms of MSRA are red swelling boils that have itching effect. These boils match with spider bites but don’t underestimate this infection with spider bites. It has to be put off as soon as possible so that minimum damage is exerted on the body.

So, if you’re living in the house with someone with MRSA Staph then you must be careful not to use infected towel, utensils, and any items that may be infected!

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